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Brown & Orange Leather RFID Wallet


Convertible travel wallet made of premium top grain leather. 

Great designunique specs, and first-class craftsmanship make this handmade product a must-have item for the ultimate traveler and for every household.

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An all-in-one RFID Travel Wallet

Size and functionality

The interior contains a section for all-sized passports, comfortably fitting. You can safely store travel documents including checks, bills and small maps. It also has 3 quick access credit card slots plus extra 10 slots for others.

Tuck away your business cards, zip up your loose change and store your pen and mini-sketchbook for later use. Because, all of these important items are kept safe with Kitmana Travel Wallet’s durable and one-way design.

Ways to use – Fully Convertible

For accessibility in the great outdoors, the Kitmana RFID Wallet comes equipped with both regular and cartridge belt loops. As a result, you will have quick access to the exterior adventure gear holder – perfect for mini torches, multi-tools, fire starters and more.

Intended for those on the go, the Kitmana Convertible RFID Wallet fits snuggly in your back pocket and also comes with a detachable lanyard for convenient conversion into a neck pouch for concealed storage.

For an easy conversion of a travel wallet into a neck pouch, Kitmana RFID Wallet comes with a detachable lanyard.

RFID Wallet with the best protection

Above all, this “one of a kind” design wallet provides the BEST RFID Protection! This technology will secure your ID, PASSPORT, CREDIT CARD and all other electronic information from pickpocketing and remote theft!  

3-years Warranty

Lastly, and most importantly, the Kitmana Convertible Wallet is backed up with a three-year warranty. Check our product warranty policy here.

Whether trekking in the great outdoors or strolling through a city, the Kitmana Convertible Wallet is a must-have item for all those who seek to explore. We have created a travel wallet that is durable and innovative, a high-quality piece of merchandise that you can take with you wherever you go.

Kitmana’s Convertible Travel Wallet represents freedom.

This wallet rises above your expectations, filling your needs in a way that other wallets simply do not. If you are someone who like to stay active, then this convertible wallet is for you.

See our campaign page at Kickstarter, which was funded successfully by 422 backers in 2017.

Weight 0.352 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 1 in

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