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Outdoor Fall Activities

    Outdoor Fall Activities: 10 Bucket list ideas for your outings this autumn

    As the summer is ending, we all try to readjust ourselves to a new schedule. Kids go back to school, the daylight hours are getting shorter and the weather goes unstable each day. If all these facts become your excuses to stay indoors, then it’s better you start making a bucket list for your outdoor fall activities. There are always options for short breaks either you are going on solo or seeking a family outing. Autumn flies by in a flash, so take advantage of the fresh, crisp air and beautiful foliage with our offers hereby for your outdoor fall activities bucket list.

    1) Go harvesting!

    Some local farms organize harvesting festivals to wrap up the season, which lets you have an inside look into the care, craft, and history of farming and agriculture. You not only taste the season’s fresh produces, but also can attend some great events like apple cider pressing, hayrides, farm tours and more. Check your city/town/county websites, facebook groups, and local newspapers to find a harvest festival near you.

    2) Go leaf-peeping!

    As the colorful foliage season begins with the first significant signs of spectacular fall colors appearing outdoors, you should start planning for your day-trips, weekend escapes or longer family excursions.  It’s no longer hot as hell, so it is the perfect traveling time for everybody! You can take a relaxing fall foliage train trip, rent a cabin in the mountains or take a hot-air balloon ride to enjoy the beautiful scenes of nature. Endless options, limited time ahead.

    3) Attend the State and National Park Events

    State Parks and National Parks are generally staging very cool events at fall season, most of which are free to attend. You can browse the National Parks Event Calendar and select a particular park or state to see what’s coming up in your area this fall.

    4) Go hiking!

    As the fall season offers a scenic display of colors, you can enjoy hiking in the trails for a few more dry weeks before mother nature brings us the rain showers. The rich autumn backdrop will enhance your trip photos and you will get lots of likes from your social media followers. Just make sure you have the perfect layering in terms of clothing and enough snacks to maintain your level of energy.

    5) Run a race

    There are plenty of themed 5K and 10K races during the fall season. Runners of all ages and fitness levels are welcome to sign up, and generally, the proceeds go for a good cause. All you need to do is to browse the Running in the USA website to find a race coming up in your area.

    6) Tour a winery

    Wineries host special events to wrap up the harvesting season.  It becomes the perfect time to enjoy the scenic vistas of the breathtaking vineyards, plus the chance to taste varieties from the cellar.  For those who would like to go beyond the bottle, you can experience and enjoy the grape stomping as well.

    7) Get in the Halloween spirit

    Get ready for Halloween with a local haunted house tour or if you are brave enough, a spooky graveyard tour.  There are numerous guided tours covering America’s spookiest burial grounds and the most haunted places. It’s a great way to get the blood pumping and your adrenaline up!

    8) Get lost in a corn maze!

    If you haven’t visited a corn maze, it can be more fun than you might think. The more challenging the course, the better! Don’t underestimate the value of teamwork, when families are working together, they get more out of the maze.

    9) Pick out the largest pumpkin at the Pumpkin Patch

    Sure you can grab one from the local farmers’ market or the grocery store,  but for a more immersive experience, head to the country to pick your own pumpkin this fall.  Keep in mind, many of the farms set out pumpkins in a field for kids to “pick,” so the fruit has already been cut from the vine. If you are seeking a more hands-on experience, call the farm ahead to confirm if it’s done so. Don’t forget to ask the availability and opening hours as well,  otherwise, you may find out that the crop has gone already. Pick it, carve it, paint it, or decorate it, and then proudly display it on your porch.

    10) Remember what you’re thankful for

    Thanksgiving makes sense when you share your table with family and friends. If you have a backyard,  it will give you the perfect atmosphere for a classic, rustic, fall-themed backyard Thanksgiving dinner, that your guests will love. You can either make it an unforgettable Thanksgiving bonfire or make it a potluck, to reduce the stress of preparing holiday meals. A decorative and cosy backyard party will make it a memorable night for everybody!