About Kitmana

At Kitmana, our mission is to design, manufacture and deliver high-quality travel and outdoor gears based on user experience, innovation, and technology.

As an adventure guide, having traveled more than half the world, our founder, Sinan Halic, imbues into our brand the cultural spirits of the world and adventure. He has trekked the Himalayas and the Namib Desert, seeing woods and cities wide and far, all in an effort to better understand the world that we call home.

Our number one motivation for existence is to improve, enhance the experiences of our customers and that’s why we decided to create the best convertible travel wallet.

Kitmana is the first step in your long-lasting travel experience. We are dedicated to you, and because we are dedicated to you, we have created a travel wallet that is durable and innovative, a high-quality piece of merchandise that you can take with you wherever you go.

Spirit of Adventure 

You want adventure in your life. To spend time in nature, to discover our world, to see wildlife for yourself: these are the things your dreams are made of. Kitmana’s Convertible Travel Wallet represents freedom. This wallet rises above your expectations, filling your needs in a way that other wallets simply do not. If you are someone who likes to stay active, then this convertible wallet is for you.

At Kitmana, we have put in the time and effort necessary to become experts at making great travel and outdoor gear. Now, we are producing nothing but the finest travel wallets around. We have listened carefully to customers’ feedback regarding their experiences with other wallets, and we have curated what we believe to be something that is perfect for travelers and adventurers. Our innovative approach to design and technology will make waves in this industry, and that’s just the way we like it.

We are passionate about DESIGN!

CUTTING Edge is the key to success!

Our craftsmen team is GLUED to perfection!

SEWING like nobody’s business…

FINISHING to restart…